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Membership Program

Designed by Shoreline’s Lead Windsurfing Instructor to address the experience level of each pass holder, the Seasonal & Annual Passes Program provides tailored gear packages with the needs of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced windsurfers in mind: Besides benefiting from the flexibility of renting gear for the time frame they desire, windsurfers have unlimited use of the latest selection of world class boards from BIC and Goya, with fully rigged sails from Chinook and Goya.

Beginner Package – Requirements: Adults (windsurfing weekend course at Shoreline Lake). Kids (summer camp and received rental card from Shoreline Lake). Both (beginner level and can provide certification of having taken a windsurfing course elsewhere). Equipment: Chinook Rig (2.0m2 -5.0m2 Sail); BIC Beach Board (225 Liters).

Intermediate Package – Requirements: Must be at intermediate level and/or taken Intermediate Windsurfing course at Shoreline Lake, as well as started (or about to start) using foot straps, a harness or both. Equipment: Chinook Rig (2.0m2-5.5m2 Sail); BIC Beach (160 Liters), Techno (148, 283 and 293 Liters) and Madd (162 Liters) Boards.

Advanced Package – Requirements: Must be at advanced level and/or taken Advanced Windsurfing course at Shoreline Lake, and should feel comfortable using a harness, able to hydroplane and get both feet into the foot straps. Equipment: Chinook and Goya Rigs (5.5m2–7.8m2 Sail); Goya Volar Boards(130 and 145 Liters).

Timeframe Beginner Intermediate Advanced
  • Spring (Feb-May)
  • Summer (June-Sept)
  • Fall/Winter (Oct-Jan)
  • 1 Full Year
  • $300
  • $500
  • $100
  • $810
  • $350
  • $550
  • $150
  • $945
  • $380
  • $580
  • $180
  • $1026

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Directions to Our Facility

Want to purchase as a gift? Or, to have a pre-paid option available? Shoreline offers gift cards that can be used any time. Just contact the Boathouse (at or 650.965.7474), and we’ll get you set up